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Handcrafted With Care

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At slow goose flowers we create naturally beautiful plastic free funeral flowers with nature and the people we serve at our heart.
During the growing season, from March to November, we use only our own flowers and foliage. In winter our arrangements can include both dried and fresh flowers and flowers sourced from UK based commercial growers and ethical growers in other parts of the world.
The arrangements created are fully compostable and do not include wire or products containing plastic.

Casket spray/ coffin blanket - available in various lengths from 3ft to 5ft from £150

Wreath- willow and moss base dressed with flowers and foliage sizes approx 40 cm or 50 cm £90 and £105 respectively.

Heart - compostable tray with bio foam approx 40 cm with flowers and foliage £120

Tied deconstructable sheaf- composed of 4 bunches of flowers that can be used to decorate the wake and shared with friends. Approx 80 cm in length from £120

Sharing casket - an arrangement that combines a casket spray with bouquets that can be easily taken apart after the service to use at the wake or to give as gifts to family and friends. 3ft to 5ft with 4- 8 separate bouquets £160 to £320

We can also provide urn and other arrangements for the service.

There is so much to do and so much to think about when arranging a funeral. You want everything to be perfect for your loved one and to be something that reflects a part of them. Mum adored spring flowers, spring was always time bursting with colour in her garden.
Nicki’s flowers surpassed that brief and brought delicate colour and beauty to a very difficult day.
I felt we’d done Mum proud and for that I will be forever grateful.

Janine Hatch 

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